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*Proofing services for audiobook files provided by a human proofer working in conjunction with the Pozotron program to provide an efficient and flexible workflow.

*Standard Package: $25 Per Audio Hour, (includes error log and pickup packet for context)

*Plus Package: $30 Per Audio Hour (standard plus includes DAW markers for import)

*3-5 day turnaround (min 6 days for files over 12 hours), files may be uploaded a chapter/section in batches as they are finished or once recording is completed. Files should be PnR or rough edit (all known mistakes removed prior to sending, anything that will be adjusted during mastering can be left as is).

*Includes listening/proofing for background noises, misreads, mispronunciations, character voice inconsistencies, repeats and deletions. (Does not include editing/mastering)

*Please message for scheduling requests and we will respond with a project timeline proposal.

*$50 deposit for new clients, remaining balance due within 3 business days of project completion.

*Paypal preferred. Billing is rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.


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