Jorge Gonzalez Pena

Editor and Proofer with experience in over 100+ titles

I provide editing, proofing, and mastering services for audiobooks of single narration, dual narration, and duet narration projects. If you're wondering what this entails and what I charge, please read below! 🙂

Proofing includes making a mark-up of mistakes in the narration (misreads, mispronunciations, audio stutters, etc) and providing you with a file listing
them, including timestamp, page, text as written, text as read.

Editing & QC includes removing/adjusting unwanted breaths, removing clicks, adjusting audio when it doesn't quite line up due to punch and roll, making pacing edits if required, and seamless insertion of pickups and room tone in gaps, including headers and footers.

Mastering includes creating a personalised mastering chain for your specific voice and audio, which would include compression and EQ, following appropriate noise floor guidelines, thorough removal of mouth noise/clicks etc. I would also make sure industry standard audio specs are adhered to, regarding noise floors and peaks, average RMS etc. If you're unsure about mastering services, please feel free to contact you as I'd be happy to send you a sample of what your audio would sound like after mastering.

Single and dual narration
project rates:

•    Editing & QC + Proofing (No Mastering): $65 pfh
•    Editing & QC, Proofing, Mastering: $80 pfh

Duet narration project rates (up to 4 narrators):

•    Editing & QC, Proofing, Mastering: $100 pfh


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