Gordon Blodgett

Classically Trained Sound Engineer
My name is Gordon Blodgett, and I run a professional, full-time sound engineering studio called Blodgett Studios, LLC. I am a classically trained musician (both in Saxophone and Opera) and have dedicated the last 5 years of my life to my first love, audiobooks. 
I grew up listening to narrators like Scott Brick and Jim Dale and absolutely fell in love with audiobooks. I decided in 2017 after graduating from my undergraduate degree to start my own narration studio, taking my classically trained ears and making some of the best audio on the market. I LOVE doing this work and working with other narrators. 
Here is a short list of what I offer in the studio:

Research ($30 per 8,000 words) This is usually for fictional novels with a large amount of characters. I go through the entire manuscript and highlight each individual vocal line in different colors so that it is easy to read. I also correct any glaring grammatical errors and provide reasoning for each. I then provide an excel sheet of each individual character and the different characteristics and identifiers for each character. This makes narrating so much smoother throughout the entire process.
Directing ($25/hour) I would provide a discord room for us to work in. I would mark places for live pickups, as well as stop to give live notes while recording. We would help develop your delivery in real time, as well as giving you feedback on how to improve in future work. 
Proofing ($30 PFH, or $30/hour) I listen to the audio top to bottom and make a list of any issues with the audio (incorrect words, swapped words, background noise issues, etc.) and then you insert proofs for each error to correct the audio. I’m also offering living proofing, where I would hop into a discord room with you and live proof, removing the need for pickups at a later date. This works great for narrators wishing to get the most audio completed in the shortest amount of time. 
Edits ($50 PFH) I listen to the audio top to bottom and correct any timing issues with the audio (beginning/ending timings, spaces between breaths, etc.) The audio is fully ready to be mastered at this point.
Mastering ($30 PFH) finalizing the audio  (compression, normalization, de-essing, click/plosive removal, etc.) I then finalize the audio per the required settings provided by the publisher (ACX, Findaway, etc.) and send you WAV and MP3 Final files to send to your rights holder or author for publishing. 
I work in Adobe Audition primarily, but am comfortable using Audacity and Pro Tools as well to assist clients wherever needed. 
If you have any questions or are interested in my services, my email is blodgettmusicstudio@gmail.com, as well as my work number is (215) 839-8826.
Looking forward to working with you!


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