Edmund Bloxam

Attentive, Accurate, Affordable. Professional editing, QCing, Proofing and Mastering services to make your audiobooks sound great.

Pro Audio Producer

Full production possible, or any and all stages: editing, QCing proofing and mastering to highest level. Can record audio too.

Each stage separately or any combination. The more services put together, the more affordable I become. Look up Edmund Bloxam for the 17 audio productions I've been entrusted with (I acted in these too). I have a lengthy background in post production for many other top tier productions too.

This is my most popular series on Audible. (Acted and produced). My best portfolio is found if you type 'Edmund Bloxam' into the Audible search bar. This book is there too.
This is my latest Audible book and me reading with an American accent. The project is still in production now, so this is a fair indicator of my most up-to-date production level.


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