Professional proofing, editing and mastering of your audiobook.

Audiobook proofing, editing and mastering services. 

Proofing consists of listening to your audio while reading the script to ensure it is accurate to the author's words. This can be done by the narrator, but it is often advantageous to have someone else perform this.

Editing includes removal of flubs and errors, which may require pickups to replace the flubbed sentences, removal of clicks, loud breaths, or other mouth noises, as well as reducing background ambient noise if necessary.

Mastering involves balancing the overall levels and any necessary equalization to produce a professional, pleasant-sounding product. Audiobook publishers such as ACX have specific requirements for peak and RMS levels as well as background noise. Once this is achieved, the file is rendered in the desired format and resolution, whether WAV, MP3, etc


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