Cat Lookabaugh

You record and I'll clean it up for you and send pickups.

I'll proof your audio for $30 PFH (per finished hour), comparing it to the manuscript and providing a log with the following details:

  • misreads (anything omitted, added, or spoken out of order)
  • distracting sound artifacts, gasps, or timing problems (pauses too long or too short)
  • the original sentence and its location in the text (page and line number) and audio file (timestamp)
  • optional: If you use Adobe Audition, I can add markers to the audio where I logged errors.

I'd be glad to edit your audio for $35 PFH (per finished hour), which includes:

  • tightening/lengthening gaps or pauses
  • cleaning up unwanted sound artifacts (clicks, pops, hisses, and so on)
  • removing some or all breaths or taming breaths so they are not distracting

I'll proof and edit for $60 PFH.


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