Brooke Persoon

ACX-Ready - Proofed, Edited, and Mastered!

Hi! I'm an audio producer, sound designer, and audio editor/engineer that has specialized in working with voices for 15+ years.  I have a B.A. in Audio Engineering, and a diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media.  I am also a Voice User Interface Designer, designing for human interaction with automated assistants.

I primarily use Adobe Audition, and can edit, master, add music, sound effects, or even do video editing.  You can hear some of my work in the demos and Audiobooks on my website.

My typical rates are below, however I'm always happy to discuss a project's budget.
Proofing - $50 pfh
Editing + Mastering - $100 pfs
Add Sound Design (Music/SFX) or Multiple Voices- TBD


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