Amanda McKibbin Ogle

The difference between good & great is attention to detail.

Proofing/QC services that go beyond simply identifying misreads or punch errors. Audio distractions such as background noise, vocal noise and glitches will be flagged. Every name, location and foreign language word/phrase will be searched and linked for accuracy. Proof Packet will be delivered including a spreadsheet noting all errors by track name, time stamp and page number; a reference audio file; a highlighted manuscript to easily locate all errors in the text.

Script Prepping - I'll provide everything you need to make the most of your recording time. Your manuscript will be highlighted and a spreadsheet of characters, pronunciations, definitions and links will be provided to the narrator. I can provide a "cliff notes" breakdown of the book cover to cover so that you have an overview of the entire plot before recording.

Researcher - I'll provide a complete detailed spreadsheet and highlighted manuscript noting pronunciations of terms, names, locations, foreign language words and phrases. If there's something especially challenging about an upcoming title, let me know how I can help get you ready to step into the booth.


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