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Audiobook Post Productions Expert. Believe in Creating a Long-Term Business Relationship. For Any Queries! Feel Free to let me know🙂


Is your book not passing ACX Requirements or you Don't have time to do it etc.? I'm Nauman. I have been providing quality Audiobook Editing/Proofing services to satisfied clients for the past three years with more than 1000 audiobooks under my belt for platforms such as ACX, Audible, Findaway, and Author's Republic, etc. I am experienced in working with different audiobook publishing houses, narrators, and independent authors. I strive to provide a consistent and reliable editing experience for all of my clients by offering a hassle-free outsourcing experience. You might have been through a long to visit my profile, worry not. Let me exploit the opportunity by offering you something phenomenal.

I will convert your Recorded Audiobook according to ACX Standards, which includes,

  • Fulfilling all ACX Technical requirements.
  • Deleting unwanted Sounds i.e. Breaths, clicks, plosives, and uhms sound.
  • Removing mistakes, Repeats, Background Noises etc.
  • Adjusting the spacing so that your book flows Smooth.
  • Proofreading your Audiobook with the script by going through manual checking of each part.
  • Fixing Rejected Audiobooks.

I work applying The technical standard's requirements provided by ACX so you can upload your audiobook and sell it on Amazon Audible or other platforms.

All of the above in only $40 per unedited hour of Audiobook. I would love to clear your queries regarding this Gig. I like creating long-term relationships with people who need consistent and reliable editing, so feel free to contact me and send me your sample file(it's FREE..!!). .


Note: *All projects are confidential*


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