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ACX Editors Audiobook Production Services
I will edit, master your audiobook to meet acx standards
Image of Amanda McKibbin Ogle Audiobook Production Services
The difference between good & great is attention to detail.
Theatrical director and book lover ready to proof for you!
You record and I'll clean it up for you and send pickups.
Audio production for Audiobooks and Audiodrama
Professional proofing, editing and mastering of your audiobook.
Image for Francesca Amari
"Francesca brings out the best in her narrator, and gleans every nugget of gold in the text."
Geoff Ferguson Audiobook Production
Twenty years of audiobook editing and mastering
Listen Closely Audiobook Production Services
Audio Editing / Audio Proofing
I proof, edit, and master audiobooks
Affordable and attractive audiobook cover design
Audiobook Production Services
Fast, accurate audio proofer
I can't wait to proof your next book!
Our goal is simple. To let your story be heard, loud and clear.
"Dolly Levi, you are a damned exasperating woman..."
Some call me picky, I call it aiming for perfection!
Saving the narrators time so they can shine!
Taking productions from the home studio to the publisher - we're here to help.

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