William L. Hahn

Storyteller- dynamic, deeper voice capable of suspense through comedy

I live by reading aloud; as an author myself I find it's the best way to proof and polish my drafts, letters and blog posts. And I love hearing the story come alive in real time, trying different approaches to get the most from the tale I'm reading. That's the storyteller style in a nutshell.
My acting experience has suited me to thinking about different voices, inflections, and even accents or dialects (meaning fantasy races, aliens, robots). Carefully crafted effects enhance the listening experience and increase immersion: atmosphere and ambience, fights, crowds in the background, and that just-right moment when a door creaks or a glass breaks.
I have strong experience at performing heroic and epic fantasy tales, with large casts of diverse characters, sustained plot arcs, frantic action scenes, and unusual descriptions. I have also performed police procedural, LitRPG, dystopian and historical fiction as well as inspirational tracts.
My work on the near-future dystopian Western "Crow Country" received the IPPY Gold Award for outstanding fiction audiobook.

"Shards of Light", heroic fantasy with detective noir flavor. Feldspar the stealthic has stolen upon the evil preacher Teretheny and knocked him unconscious. He must decide whether to kill him or leave him alone. First person narration, thoughts under time pressure- minor miracle occurs.
"Mirkwood", mystery/fantasy/suspense. A young woman on a cross-country train thinks about the puzzling notes in her possession, and the absurd suggestion they make about the connection between this world and Tolkien's Middle Earth. At a stormy train crossing, she witnesses something that shakes her belief.
"The Bittersweet Road", heroic fantasy. Celiryan's quiet country life and predestined future take a turn for the strange when the wizard from the Crystal City arrives.


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