Vincent Caruso

Versatile, friendly, youthful, compelling performer of stories, neutral American accent.

Vincent is an actor, narrator, audiobook coach, and creative services consultant based in Brooklyn, NYC. He's narrated 50+ audiobooks, and produced many of them directly for authors and rights holders. Vincent started narrating printed books for his family, then NYC's Andrew Heiskell Library, including live performances of Stephen King's short stories for patrons. He's narrated and fully produced audiobooks for Penguin Random House, Scribe Media, Headline Books, DM Studios, Let Family Know and many authors directly.

  • 25+ years as a voiceover actor.
  • StudioBricks recording booth; Source Connect; Adobe Audition; High Speed Internet
  • Highly skilled in proofing, editing and mastering audio to meet audiobook industry standards.
  • Active member of A Voiceover Journey's Elite Academy.
  • Uses broadcast quality home studio for multiple voiceover genres: audiobooks commercials, eLearning, YouTube/explainer videos, characters for animation, live action film dubbing, meditation and sleep stories.
  • One of his children's audiobooks was selected by the US Library of Congress for inclusion.
  • Radio DJ and producer for 25+ years in the NYC satellite radio market, and makes classical music, filmscore and videogame music approachable and relevant to wide and diverse audiences.
  • Extensive experience working as a consultant in the financial services industry assessing, delivering and managing technology risk & resilience solutions (cyber security, business continuity, compliance, supplier chain risk) as well as offering executive coaching services, teaching and facilitating workshops that focus on DEI, corporate culture and the career journey.
  • Narration style is engaging, friendly, inclusive and entertaining, and is suitable for a wide range of topics in non-fiction and fiction, adult, young adult and children's genres, using many authentic regional American and non-American accents and characterizations to make audiobook soundscapes come alive to audiences.
  • He's a lifelong student; loves jogging, hiking, kayaking, learning restoration techniques for old houses (he lives in one), cooking, taste-testing hot sauces and making the best homemade limoncello you need to try.

SciFi-Fiction-Star Wars Light Of The Jedi-Narrator-F-M-Child Dialogue-American Neutral Accent
Mystery-Thriller-Fiction-Various Dialogues-American Neutral-Irish-Russian Accents-3rd Person
Pets-Self Help-Non-Fiction-American Neutral Accent-2nd Person
Juvenile-Childrens Fiction-Dialogue Mother and Child-American Neutral Accent-2nd Person
Horror-Fiction-Narrator-Female-Creature-American Neutral-Monster Accent-3rd Person
History-Military-Narrator-Various Adults-American Neutral Accent-3rd Person


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