Tom Haire

Tom Haire Audiobook Narrator
Warm, masculine, sophisticated. A greater range with rich baritone. Experienced in Oceanic, European, and American dialects.

For 20 years I have put entertainment as my highest priority. Whether in a restaurant, on stage, or on the mic, I live to entertain. This requires advanced tech, intense preparation, and a constant desire to learn.

Since beginning in 2022 I have 23 Audible audiobooks and have learned from Shannon Elizabeth and Sean Pratt.

I am determined to showcase amazing independent authors, help them reach a new audience, and ensure their legacy through audio.

A good Samaritan gets embroiled in a bigger crime scheme. Little do the authorities know the man has more to him, and much more to hide. British Male/Female.
The mystery of Napoleon begins to unwind. How could this Corsican pedant conquer a weakened nation and make them the most powerful country in Europe? Male/Informative tone.
A groups of space scavengers are eager for loot. Not for riches, but for parole. They will be ill-equipped when an alien enemy has embedded itself nearby. Male/Sci-Fi/Exciting.
Despite great communication obstacles, a love affair forms based on mutual comfort. They wish for each other they each desire. Male/Female/Flirtatious


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