Storygenie Audiobook Narrator
Dynamic+Fast+Dedicated to Excellence=Every Project, Every Time!

AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR for more than 10 books in 5 months, including finance/investment, motivational, inspirational, training, history, politics, humor, meditation, biography & other genres;

VOICEOVER for more than 200 projects - streaming, commercials, podcasts, TV/radio/film, live events+presentations & other platforms;

Award-winning (EMAs, TELLYs, ADDYs, HAMMYs, NY Festivals, etc.) PRODUCER & ACTOR including drama, comedy, improv, and much more!

DEDICATED to the integrity, message / mission of every project with COMMITMENT to excellence, energy, efficiency and sincerity -- and ALWAYS ON TIME & ON BUDGET.

Your First Career Advice; good humored and enjoyable content & delivery
Major Financial Advice superstar Robert T. Kiyosaki's "Financial IQ" book - sincere, enthusiastic and informative delivery
Gentle, relaxing, self-esteem building and inspiring content, including meditation music - warm and welcoming delivery
Motivational and inspirational, take charge of your life - strong, confident and inspiring delivery
Biographical and eye-opening, woman's true story of a tumultuous & often heart-breaking path to true love - genuine, insightful/thoughtful/strong delivery
Historical AND Political - Informed, educated knowledge and point of view, well-documented content - authoritative, erudite and enlightening delivery


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