Steve Zarro

Confident, Calm, & Clear

The strong, stand-up, not-so-silent type, Steve Zarro is no stranger to performance of all kinds.

With over 25 years of acting experience on stage, screen, voice, along with his 20+ year corporate career in sales and communications, Steve brings every facet of his professional and creative life to his business. From his top-notch home recording studio, he has provided voice for audiobooks, commercials, industrials, educational films, documentaries, E-Learning videos, live radio shows, live event announcements, and more.

Steve was the kid in school who could hardly wait his turn to read out loud, to the point of counting the other kids ahead of him to see which paragraph was his so he could rehearse it silently. His delivery and approach appeal to both the executive-level listener, as well as the everyday listener; a voice with blue-collar power and white-collar polish at the same time.


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