Steve Krumlauf

Audiobook Production Services
Mature, authoritative, special interest in non-fiction: business, careers, sports, biographies, faith-based titles.

Steve began his broadcasting career in commercial television with two local NBC affiliated stations in his hometown in Michigan as a voice over artist producing program promos, station ID’s and commercials while still a senior in high school. Years later, he briefly anchored TV news, sports and weather on those same stations as a vacation fill-in.
His radio career covers every major music format, both commercial and listener-supported, as part of station staffs in almost every major market of Michigan, a satellite delivered national radio programming service based in Minnesota as well as broadcast assignments in South Carolina and later Florida.
For the better part of three decades, Steve served exclusively in faith-based radio as part of two separate broadcast groups owned by private colleges.
Currently, Steve serves as a principal image voice for The Worship Channel, (a 24-hour, Internet only music and teaching programming service based in Dallas, Texas.), heard in over 190 countries. He’s finishing his ninth year as the voice track producer for Understanding the Times Radio, an hour-long interview program syndicated to over 900 radio stations nationally as well as globally on the Internet and Sirius XM satellite. Steve has also narrated, edited and produced over sixty fiction and non-fiction audio book titles for various publishers.
Steve and his wife, Susan, have two grown daughters, one grandson, and live in Minnesota.


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