Stark Wilson

Audiobook Narrator Stark Wilson
Deep baritone, authoritative, capable of sounding quizzical, mysterious, and playful

With over 30 audiobooks produced via Audible and other platforms under the pseudonyms of Stark Wilson and Bump Turgeson, my diversity has breathed life into romance novels, biographies, self-help books, children's books, and other genres. I am capable of generating silly voices and making grief painfully gripping as characters experience loss. I also bring narration to life in biographies. Well written narration deserves the proper tone and emotion the author carefully crafted.
Links to Audible works: (Bump Turgeson pseudonym)

This excerpt is from a romance. It showcases the ability to do adult male and female dialogue.
This is narration for a self help book. It demonstrates proper pacing and inflection.
This excerpt from a children's book demonstrates the ability to capture a child's voice and unique voice of daddy lion.
This excerpt has an especially creepy villain who is verbally terrifying his victim over the phone.
Here is dialogue of teen and his parents caught up in domestic turmoil.
This captures humorous dialogue of several southern good ole boys about to play cards.


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