Stacy Dugan

Stacy Dugan Audiobook Narrator
Strong, but sensitive, conversational new voice; special interest in YA and fantasy/sci fi with strong female protagonists; wry, witty

Stacy is a lifelong bibliophile, passionate about bringing stories to life. She can work within a variety of genres and has dedicated the last few years to learning everything she can about the art of narration, volunteering with Learning Ally to narrate young adult novels, coaching with some of the top narrators in North America, and narrating through ACX. Her favorite genres to sink into are fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and young adult novels, especially those featuring a strong female lead with a bit of an attitude. (She does have a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, so...)
She will bring authenticity, professionalism, a strong work ethic, a great sense of humor, and a willingness to collaborate meaningfully to every project.
Stacy's expressive voice is a smooth alto that she can deftly tailor to fit the tone you are looking for.

“The narration is flawless, Stacy delivers a masterful performance and captured the essence of the characters and story.
A definite must have 100% recommend.”
- Audible review

Urban Fantasy, 1st person: This is the beginning of the book, Blood and Fire, introducing tough as nails bounty hunter & mage, Maia Delacroix.
Urban fantasy, 1st person: This is the opening of the novel, Blood and Bone, continuing the adventures of bounty hunter, Maia Delacroix. In this scene, she is "scouting" through the woods with the help of an inept owl-shifter lookout.
Sci-Fi Space Opera, 3rd person, F/F: In this scene, an AI has just been transferred from a spaceship into a humanoid body kit and is awakening to her new reality.
Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Romance, 1st person: A woman discovers that not only is there an intruder in her home, but he is not human!
Young Adult Fantasy, 1st person, M/F: A young girl has just accidentally and unknowingly jumped through a portal into the past and is waking up in confusion and alarm.
New Adult Sci-Fi Romance, 1st person, M/F: In this scene, our female main character has been paired up during dance class with the sexy guy who she both hates and is ridiculously attracted to.


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