SL Albert

Vocal Gymnast: from girl-next-door to wicked witch, general US accent

I also have narrated non-fiction; in the self-help genre, listeners have described my voice as "authoritative and strong but at the same time pleasant to listen to" and "...comforting and straight-forward."

As an avid reader, I love both fiction and non-fiction, and I’m not afraid to tackle hard-to-pronounce words or Sci-Fi technical jargon. Acting and improv skills make me a versatile storyteller that will give captivate your audience with an enjoyable listening experience.

Recently narrated audiobooks fall into the paranormal, fantasy, horror and non-fiction genres. I record in my sound treated booth, with an Audio Technica 4040 XLR mic and Presonus interface.

Thanks for checking out my audio samples. I look forward to working with you!

Female / Male, teen to elderly, US accent, Paranormal / Fantasy
Female, young adult, US accent, Fantasy / Horror / Romance
Female, Adult, US accent, Fantasy
Female, Adult, US accent, Non-fiction, Women's Health, warm / straightforward
Female, Adult, US accent, Non-fiction, Lifestyle, warm / straightforward


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