Sarah Bacaller

Audiobook Narrator Sarah Bacaller
Young, vibrant and nuanced voice

Sarah Bacaller is an Australian narrator and writer with experience in accents, multi-cast productions and classic and contemporary literature.
She has over 35 titles on Audible and co-directs the audiobook production company, Voices of Today.

Sarah especially enjoys narrating children's literature, classics, Australian literature, contemporary literary fiction and academic and professional texts. She also offers research and cover design, and has written and presented on the audiobook production process.

As well as producing and narrating audiobooks, Sarah is working on a PhD in philosophy and works in the university education sector.

'The Historian's Daughter' - contemporary literary fiction, Aus accent, non-English words, character voices.
'Oliver Twist' character voice - Oliver, young boy, general UK accent.
'Beyond' by Alice Gerstenberg - Female, general US accent
'The Fault Lines Founding Liberty' - Author & narrator, contemporary literary fiction, Aus accent.
'The Secret Garden' character voice - Dickon, boy, Yorkshire accent.
'Rilla of Ingleside' character voice - Anne Blythe, older woman, Canadian accent.


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