Samantha Norbury

Samantha Norbury Audiobook Narrator
Dynamic - Professional - Engaging. Youthful, honest, and pleasing voice adept at American, English, and Scottish accents

Samantha Norbury is a professional audiobook narrator who specializes in teen and young adult voices and has a wide range of character development skills. She reads in a conversational tone and performs each line to always keep the audience engaged with the words being spoken. From snarky to sophisticated, hero to villain, comedic to serious, she can deliver the voice you're looking for. She will lift your words off the page and breathe life into them. When you hire Samantha you are hiring a professional who will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life and help connect your words to your audience. Samantha is a classically trained theater actor and has always been passionate about bringing stories to life.

I have a broadcast quality home studio, Rode NT1 microphone, and a Scarlet 2i2 interface


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