Roberta Jackson

Mature, compassionate, warm, energetic, commanding, funny, general US accent

I have audio books on Audible, Learning Ally, the National Library Service for the Blind and other platforms. I'm also on the rosters of Dreamscape, Lycan Valley Publications,Pink Flamingo,Curated Audio, Deyan Audio, e-Audio Productions,Pro-Audio Voices and Encyclopocolypse Productions. My work includes several romance genres, mysteries, young adult, non-fiction and children, and multiple characters for 5 multi-cast audio books in production. My voice work includes character roles in audio dramas, podcasts, web comics and video games. My acting background ranges from children's theater to Shakespeare. I have a versatile mid-range voice and characteristics include: mature, strong, commanding, sincere, warm, funny, compassionate. I have a professional home recording studio.


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