Robert Neumark Jones

Warm, natural, articulate, energetic, smooth, British accent

Robert is a professionally trained, award-winning actor and stand-up comedian who has performed extensively on stage and screen in a variety of international productions, as well as hosting shows live on radio and producing podcasts. Robert’s voice has been variously described as Warm, natural, authentic, young, fresh, articulate, funny, energetic, classy, authoritative, smooth, and cool. He is a Shakespeare nerd with a talent for multiple characters and sight-reading difficult prose. He has voiced a large number of different voice over projects, from audiobooks for children and adults, to characters for video games, as well as product videos, commercials, corporate, documentary and more. He can accurately perform a variety of British accents, especially RP, London, Yorkshire and Northern Irish, as well as International accents like New York and Eastern European. He records in a custom built professional studio. His natural voice is RP/London 30’s.


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