Rebecca Valderrama

Rebecca Valderrama Audiobook Narrator
From bubbly and cheerful to Seductive or Sad.

Come on in for a big squeeze!

Communication is key and the way we bring words to life is a form of connection with your audience. Rebecca’s voice lifts your spirits and brings you into her world and you just can’t help but embrace every word she says.

Rebecca’s virtual voice hugs:

Create authenticity
Draws you in, bonding your audience to the project
Leaves you feeling confident and wanting more
Warms your soul
Helps release oxytocin and lower cortisol (relieving stress)
Rebecca loves to play and has energy to spare! From corporate endearments, childlike embraces, warm clasps or a sultry caress that will wrap all your senses. Her Virtual Voice Hugs will swathe your projects in depth and warmth. With a background in finance, Rebecca is a sound investment for your project.

Let’s face it, being hugged just feels good! Let Rebecca hug your next project.


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