Ray Longoria

Ray Longoria Audiobook Narrator
A range that spans from warm, gravelly storytelling, to animated character storytelling. And in a host of accents and dialects. This is going to be fun.

I am a voice actor/narrator/orator/voiceover. I've been delivering voice work and directing other talent for 30 years. I have voiced national commercials and videos. And I can read audio books with emotion, building interest and even delivering different accents for characters, when needed. I have a home studio, built from experience and with the technical advice of sound engineers. I am known for longer copy, and storytelling, from adults to children—it's all in the material and intended audience. I take direction well and offer new things to a production, as you'd expect from someone who's done this for so long. More than anything, the entire experience should be enjoyable to everyone on the project... but mostly the audience.

Recanting the harrowing events of Easy Company, so there is no need for extra theatrics. in this case, I'm merely the storyteller.
An epic tale deserves a dramatic read. My goal is to captivate the reader, and I do that by being as authentic as possible. Storytelling like this needs a voice closer to the time of its writing, not its listening.
When telling a funny story, I want to sound as I'm enjoying the story as much as the listener. I want to tell it as though I was there. So the reader can be there too.
Romance is all about the entire story, every nuance. It's storytelling that not includes a wonderful setting, but the emotions of every character, their thoughts, their feelings, their hopes and fears. I try and capture all of it.


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