Philip Battley

Philip Battley Audiobook Narrator
Experienced all-rounder, from Regency Romances to Self-Help and psychology!

Philip is a hugely experienced audiobook producer and narrator, with his own studio, with over 70 audiobook titles available on

Thousands in sales.

Whether your characters are preparing to attend a Regency Ball, on a quest into outer space, battling the undead, slipping between the sheets with someone they shouldn’t, or on a mission to save their younger brother from some monsters in the pond at the bottom of the garden (yes, he’s narrated them all), Philip can bring your story to audible life.

His versatility and wide vocal range mean performing multiple characters with different voices & genders are his speciality.

Philip works with best selling authors and publishers in the US and UK. As a classically trained actor who has performed on the stage (West End, Shakespeare’s Globe), television (BBC, PBS, ITV, Channel 4, Lifetime) and in movies, he prides himself on following direction.

A lot of love and care go into each voice. He’s very organised, but easy to work with and always delivers on time.


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