Patrice Gambardella

Patrice Gambardella Audiobook Narrator
Textured adult/middle aged woman's voice, well-suited for mystery thrillers.

Hello! I'm Patrice and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, close to Seattle. In college I majored in Drama and did some theater but mostly waited on tables!

I lived in the Netherlands for 5 years where my husband and I had our two precious children. After years of being a stay at home Mom, I discovered audiobook narration. I have narrated 16 audiobooks so far; working on number 17 at the moment.

My voice lends itself to mystery-thriller, historical fiction and fantasy. Being able to a professional storyteller is a dream come true!

I would love to discuss your project with you. Who knows? I just might be the narrator you are seeking. Thanks for stopping by!


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