Nicole Swanson

Audiobook Narrator Nicole Swanson
Warm, silvery tone for cozy mysteries and YA, natural Southern charm

With a voice described as a vivid, silvery tone with a bright and sunny dynamic, Nicole's narration conveys a warmth and charm informed by her Southern roots and experience as the mother of three amazing daughters. Nicole's strengths lie in her flexible range, ear for accents, and character development skills. Her experience as an occupational therapist and her work in a prison hospital allow Nicole a unique perspective of how life's joys and struggles influence choices and actions, deepening her understanding of the human condition. A lifelong learner who enjoys fancy dinners, exploring new cultures, and savoring a really good cup of coffee while sitting on her porch swing and listening to a rainstorm, Nicole loves escaping into her home studio to entertain her faithful listener, Blackjack, The Studio Dog.


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