Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney Audiobook Narrator
Deep. Rugged. Cartoon. Villian. Newscaster. Documentary. Audio books. Cowboy. Elegant. Articulate. Medical. Science.

Audiobook and national, international, voice over artist. Deep, but mid-range midwestern male voice. 90 current title on Audible.Com. A dozen years of major market radio including NPR and commercial radio additionally news/talk. Extensive agency work with over 40 years of productions for major corporations such as Walmart, Tyson Foods, Phillips Petroleum, City of San Francisco, State of Arkansas. Accomplished in classical music narrations, medical, fiction, adult as well as heavy drama. I own Beartooth Audio Productions, a full service facility specializing in audiobook solutions. Studio is equipped with Neumann, Pro Tools, Universal Audio, Mac, etc. While I have produced an extensive amount of work I still study voice over techniques and work with several coaches from time to time.


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