Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison Audiobook Narrator
Mature, authoritative, general US accent, special interest in instructional, LGBTQ+ and children's stories.

Early on, I discovered a knack for explaining things after my mom asked, "How could so many cookies disappear so quickly?" In the fourth grade I was found to be reading at the seventh grade level. By the time 7th grade rolled around, I was recording and editing my voice while developing a passion to pursue radio broadcasting. I landed my first radio job two years out of high school and, four years later, was hired away to be in-house narrator and audio producer for a corporate multimedia production house. Freelance narration work, in addition to full-time positions in radio, advertising and corporate communications, gave way to making voice-over/narration my full-time focus. In early 2008, I spent a week recording in the studio of a European speech technology company.

My voice is American English, Northern mid-Atlantic, comfortable in the age range of 40 to 80 years, baritone/bass, deep, resonant, smooth, warm, rich, clear. Some of my vocal styles include friendly, sincere, blue-collar, folksy, rugged, believable, authoritative, conversational, instructional, sexy, powerful, cynical, wacky.


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