Mike Cotton

Mike Cotton Audiobook Narrator
Versatile, expressive, engaging, with a special interest in diverse character voices.

Mike Cotton is a dedicated and versatile audiobook narrator hailing from the Greater Houston area in Texas. Since embarking on his voice acting career in February 2024, Mike has quickly become a sought-after talent in the world of audiobook narration. With a rich, expressive voice and a talent for bringing stories to life, Mike captivates listeners with his dynamic range and ability to convey a wide array of emotions and characters.

Mike’s background in musical performance and public speaking enhances his narration skills, allowing him to deliver engaging and clear storytelling. His professional home recording studio, equipped with high-quality microphones and advanced recording software, ensures pristine audio quality for every project.

A committed family man, Mike’s empathy and life experience shine through in his work, adding depth and authenticity to his narrations. His dedication to the craft, combined with his collaborative spirit, makes Mike a reliable and exceptional choice for audiobook publishers seeking a talented and versatile narrator.


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