Michelle Marie

Michelle Marie Audiobook Narrator
General US Accent, youthful, smooth, interest in RomCom, Lit RPG and Cozy Mystery

Michelle chased her childhood dream for 3o years and caught it, in typical "right place, right time" fashion. Now an accomplished audiobook narrator, with a few indie films and loads of training in her book bag, she enjoys narrating cozy mysteries, comedy, romance and, the newly discovered, LitRPG.

Many describe her voice as smooth, soothing and youthful. She has built a nice character base, with her young girl and older woman as her favorites.

Nominated for Best Audio at Penned Con two years in a row with Witches of Blackbrook and the sequel Daughters of Maine, she continues to train, study, tweak her home studio all while living by her mantra ~ A man does himself the greatest injustice when he chooses to stop learning, for that is when he truly stops living.


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