Margaret Wakeley

Margaret Wakeley Audiobook Narrator
Empathetic, authoritative, relatable, neutral US accent

As a professional singer for several decades, I’ve always combined singing and storytelling, weaving songs into compelling narratives that hopefully bring meaning to my audiences. Traveling endlessly for my singing gigs back in L.A., I would listen hour after hour to Books on Tape, eventually inspiring me to get some training in acting and voice over technique, which culminated in a new sideline career as a voice actor.

I have two sons, Casey and Sam. Casey, was born blind. Imparting the visual world to him became as natural to me as breathing. Reading books, signs, manuals, describing action in movies and virtually everything in a world Casey could not see for himself turned me into an “audio-descriptive” mom and narrator. Now both sons are musicians themselves in the multi-platinum-selling group, X Ambassadors, while I happily spend hours in my booth producing those audiobooks that keep opening up worlds to my son…and many others.

I love narrating non-fiction in a clear, conversational, and interested way that makes what might be a complicated subject seem digestible and captivating.


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