M. Bella

M. Bella Audiobook Narrator
Bringing bilingual English & Spanish authentic voices to your stories

I was born and raised in a native Spanish-speaking family in the Dominican Republic and after getting my college degree, I moved to New York which gave me a larger multicultural background.

Since the beginning of my teen years, I have been passionate about books, and later on, my love transitioned into audiobooks. Listening to the voices and feeling the emotions from my favorite authors transmitted through audiobooks was phenomenal experience.

I have the ability to provide professional narration in flawless native Spanish and in English with a slight Hispanic accent.

My bilingual background will help you increase authenticity to your audiobook production.

I instinctively recognize the requirements to produce and accurately narrate an audiobook that will achieve the author’s goal: to convey the emotions of their written words to the listeners.

Whether you’re searching for a specific tone or voice: youthful, elder, cheerful, smooth, peaceful, or dramatic, rest assured I will deliver with professionalism.

Spanish sample, Female 1st POV, contemporary romance, young adult
Spanish: Female 1st POV, Dark romance, multiple character voices, contemporary romance, erotica
Spanish: Female 1st POV, best friends, multiple characters, Contemporary romance, rom-com, romantic comedy
English sample: Multiple characters, 1st Female POV, contemporary romance, Male and kid characters voices. Latina accent


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