Lynn Devereux

Experienced performer with a smooth, melodic tone and general US accent.

I am an American-born actor, voice artist, and narrator of more than 30 audiobooks.

I love working closely with my authors to bring life to their creations through my voice and I have created successful, long-lasting partnerships with many of my authors.

I am a graduate of the ACX Master Class and work from my home studio in Omaha, NE. I hold a bachelor's degree in Performance from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and have a decade worth of on-camera and stage experience.

I love giving voice to denizens of the supernatural realm, including vampires, warlocks, werewolves, imps and elves. And, the more sensual side of me delights in kindling the passions of romantic and erotic writings.

I have a smooth, sensual, melodic tone and lots of experience in the romance and sci-fi/fantasy genres.

Being native to South Dakota, I am very familiar with Midwestern dialects. I am also proficient in Scottish and British accents, with an excellent ear for many others.

Let's make awesome art together!


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