Lyndal Curran Doolan

Experienced, Australian female accent, engaging , interesting, applicable to multiple genres

I have volunteered for 2RPH a radio station for vision and print handicapped for the past 12 months .
I currently record 3 programmes , 1/2 hour long readings from magazines .
I also announce a morning show and read for 2 other programmes , these shows are live and run for 1 1/2 hours each , reading from newspapers , The Australian, The Sydney Morning herald, The Australian Financial Review and regional newspapers.

I have the ability to moderate my voice to the tone of the article/story , am good at storytelling, can regulate my pace and have the stamina and continuity required for long audio projects. My style is engaging Australian female, mid pitch, ability to create different characters and sustain character throughout the story.
I have travelled extensively and have a good understanding of language and pronunciation.
Previous to this I have worked in management and design roles and am now retired however love reading and creating audio, I am flexible with time.

Excerpt from MINDFOOD magazine programme aired weekly at 2RPH radio station, non fiction, English/ Australian accent
Excerpt from Good Food programme aired weekly at 2RPH radio station, non fiction, English Australian accent
Excerpt from Profile programme aired daily at 2RPH radio station, non fiction biography, English Australian accent


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