Kyle Adams

Youthful, versatile, earnest, general US accent

Hi, I'm Kyle Adams, audiobook narrator and engineer. I've loved books since I was four, loved talking almost as much as reading, so it goes to show that perfect jobs do exist.

I began acting locally in 2012, then started narration in 2018 by picking up a 100+ hour community project. It was trial by fire, learn to narrate or die trying, and well, I'm alive. Now I've got countless hours with the mic behind me, and a good number of books to my name.

I love narrating urban fantasy, paranormal, young adult, or any kind of story with an exciting kick to it. When I'm not in the booth, I might be programming or playing PC games, running D&D campaigns, or rock climbing. If you've got a story that needs to be told, I'd love to be the voice to tell it.

Urban Fantasy Horror, First Person Narration, Wistful/Reflective
YA Sci-Fi, First Person Narration, Anxious, M/F Dialogue
Fantasy, Third Person Narration, Male/Female/Child dialogue
YA Fantasy, Third Person Narration, Dialogue/Conflict
Dark Fantasy, First Person Narration, Intimidating
Sci-Fi, First Person Narration, Sarcastic


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