Kevin Rineer

Adaptable actor - The story takes the lead.

A voice actor with great experience in audiobooks, Kevin has found his best productions were results of letting the book take center stage and the narration presenting it as faithfully as possible. In a recording studio at home, Kevin records for ad agencies, video game publishers, book publishing companies, and more. Kevin has been the producer of over 100 audiobooks in niches such as self-help, litRPG, spirituality, ancient history, litRPG, and more.

A degree in computer science would lead many to a career in programming, but Kevin took a chance at his passion. That isn't to say that Kevin is without an acting education, he has learned from mentors such as Crispin Freeman, J. Michael Collins, Tawny Platis, Richard Horvitz, and many others. With all of these incredible teachers, one would think Kevin is an incredible vocal performer in all its aspects! That's far from the truth. Kevin is mediocre to passable at singing.

Kevin is open to both single narration projects as well as being a part of cast narration projects.


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