Kelley Rae O’Donnell

Warm, thoughtful, sultry, grounded, humorous, general American accent.

I'm a skilled actor with loads of film, TV, and theater experience, that can deliver sultry, warm, rich, grounded, raspy, sassy, spunky, quirky, witty, dryly humorous or just plain bad-ass narration, from period to contemporary. I have plenty of genre versatility, as well as an honest earthiness that comes from growing up in tiny towns of Eastern Pennsylvania. I currently live in NYC with my husband (horror writer and actor Nat Cassidy).

Macmillan’s "Steal The Stars," Paramount’s "Witness," BBC Radio 4 Drama’s "Care Inc.," Gideon Media’s "Almelem," The Lovely Dark Podcasts "Guy Donalson," The Parsnip Ship Podcasts "Cockfight" 👉 are a few of the narrative podcasts I’ve been cast in as various characters.

I’ve voiced 100's of national on-camera and voiceover commercial campaigns for companies like AT&T, Verizon, McDonald's, Old Navy, Charmin, Pfizer, Astra-Zenica, ConEd, ADP, Ally Bank.

I was made a Company Member of Off-Broadway's Award Winning LAByrinth Theater Company in New York City by PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN & JOHN ORTIZ and I am currently part of LAB's Artistic Leadership. I am a graduate of Fordham University Lincoln Center with a BA in Theatre.

When I’m not acting you can often find me reading a memoir, taking a road trip, enjoying my favorite Korean BBQ joint, cooking, volunteering for arts organizations, swimming, and/or listening to 90's R&B.

Romance (1st POV, Female/Male Dialogue) - Flirtatious, general American accent
Humorous Women’s Fiction (1st POV, Male/Female Dialogue) - Great comedic timing, Multiple characters - including New York accent.
YA Fantasy (3rd POV Male/Female Dialogue) - Versatile, multiple characters: A Queen, a girl, a Dungeon Master and a snake.
Suspense /Mystery (1st POV, Male/Female Dialogue) - Engaging, American Southern male and female character dialogue.
Nonfiction Psychology/Self-Help


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