Kasey Miracle

Versatile, experienced voice actor who loves creating believable character voices.

Before becoming a voice actor, I was an elementary school librarian. I loved reading to my students, whether they were teenagers or kindergarteners. I learned how to narrate books in a way that kept the attention of my audience, no matter their age. That passion has followed me into voice acting. Narrating audiobooks is truly one of my favorite aspects of being a voice actor. It allows me to do what I love while also giving back to communities such as those who are blind, have vision difficulties, or may have reading disabilities, like my son. Every book I narrate is one more my son, and those like him, can enjoy. Thank you for contributing to this community!

I have narrated books in a variety of categories and especially love creating character voices. I have a sound proof and sound treated at home booth that was built by an audio engineer who also set up my equipment. I record with Adobe Audition and a Neumann TLM 103 XLR mic into an Apollo Twin X interface.

I can't wait to read your story!

1st person narration, mystery, romance, 1 male and 1 female, dialogue, action and emotion scene
Kid's chapter book, fantasy, three female voices, 1 harpy, 3rd person narration.
science fiction, 3rd person narration
Kids, fairytale, little red riding hood, wolf and little girl voice, 3rd person narration
mystery, southern accents, 1 female, two males, 3rd person narration
kids, fantasy, halloween 3rd person narration


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