Karen Gundersen

Audiobook Narrator Karen Gundersen (Caren Naess)
Smooth, warm, capable of a wide range of accents and ages

I grew up in the Middle East (Bahrain and Dubai) not the daughter of missionaries, or military, but of a toy salesman. I went to a British school, so my native accent was actually English, though my parents weren't. My Mom is Norwgian, so I've also spent a lot of time in Norway, and speak Norwegian almost fluently, thanks her (Sarpsborg), and my childhood friend (Drøbak). Our family moved to Wisconsin just in time for me to start high school, and spend a lot of time trying to lose that British accent and fit in, with very mixed results (Katharine Hepburn meets Fargo).

A cultural mutt, whose love of language, words, and books began in childhood, and shaped four careers: actor, teacher(ESL and EAP), set and light designer, and now audiobook narrator. At various points I've been the member of 4 different unions: United Electrical, Actor's Equity, ACLU, and Rugby Union. :-). My husband and I now live in London, and hang out with another mutt – our Shepherd/Lab/+ mix, Ripley.

I also narrate as Caren Naess.

Children's Classic (Alice in Wonderland) Character voices: British: RP, Standard Irish
MF, Standard American, French accented English, Romance
F, giving advice, Standard American, Self Help
F, nonfiction anecdote. Hospice nurse, Memoir


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