Karen Gundersen

Audiobook Narrator Karen Gundersen (Caren Naess)
Smooth, warm, capable of a wide range of accents and ages

I grew up in the Middle East (Bahrain and Dubai) not the daughter of missionaries, or military, but of a toy salesman. I went to a British school, so my native accent was actually English, though my parents weren't. Our family moved to Wisconsin just in time for me to start high school, and spend a lot of time trying to lose that British accent and fit in, with very mixed results (Katharine Hepburn meets Fargo). I've also spent a lot of time in Norway, and speak Norwegian almost fluently, thanks to my Mom (Sarpsborg), and childhood friend (Drøbak).

A cultural mutt, whose love of language, words, and books began in childhood, and shaped four careers: actor, teacher(ESL and EAP), set and light designer, and now audiobook narrator. At various points I've been the member of 4 different unions: United Electrical, Actor's Equity, ACLU, and Rugby Union. :-). My husband and I now live in London, and hang out with another mutt – our Shepherd/Lab/+ mix, Ripley.

I also narrate as Caren Naess.

Children's Classic (Alice in Wonderland) Character voices: British: RP, Standard Irish
MF, Standard American, French accented English, Romance
F, giving advice, Standard American, Self Help
F, nonfiction anecdote. Hospice nurse, Memoir


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