Jonathan Beville

Jonathan Beville Audiobook Narrator
Natural and engaging. Bringing your story to life.

Jonathan Beville is an audiobook narrator working in a wide range of genres including Suspense & Thriller, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Non-Fiction. A life long stage actor, Jonathan brings life to his characters giving the listener a memorable, immersive experience.

"Flawless Narration-He read the book as if he wrote it and was performing his own one-man show."
***** Audible Review for I'll Never Be French by Mark Greenside, Dec 2021

"Well crafted and well performed"
***** Chirp Review for Chimes at Midnight, Dec 2021

"The narrator was fantastic. I really thought initially there were different narrators, but it was just really well done. I felt each person had their own persona."
***** Audible Review for Death in the Congo by David Nees, May 2021

Male, 3rd person, general American accent, paranormal thriller/horror
Male 3rd person genAm SciFi
1st Person, New York Accent, Memoir (Humorous)
Male, 3rd Person, General American, Scandinavian accents, Historical Fiction
Male, 3rd Person, General American Suspense Thriller - Political Thriller,


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