Joel Simler

Image of Audiobook Narrator Joel Simler
Wry, warm, and welcoming, a voice that's delightfully curious, and facetiously serious.

Who would’ve thought the kid sent to remedial reading classes would end up reading books for a living? It’s true, his elementary school teacher sent him to a program for struggling readers – but soon enough he was that kid constantly getting in trouble for his nose in a book, instead of listening to teachers.

Joel is a bearded, flannel-wearing actor from the Pacific Northwest that has leant his voice to many middle grades books for Learning Ally, a non-profit providing reading solutions for struggling students, and a variety of other genres from Bizarro Fiction and Sci-Fi to Sweet Romances and Nonfiction.

Having spent his youth performing on stages as an actor, musician, ballroom dancer, and pogo stick entertainer, he eventually found himself fascinated with sound, and so earned a degree in Audio Production. It was only a matter of time before he discovered he could combine the power of performing, reading, and audio engineering into the ultimate career: Audiobook Narrator.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest by his two Moms' (yep, you read that right 🏳️‍🌈) surrounded by - and often drenched in – water, he also has a deep affinity for Colorado, where he spent much time tromping through mountains with his Dad and Brother, and partying with his large Hispanic family. They really do know how to party out there.

He is a professionally certified ballroom dance instructor, and a master of picking up hobbies and putting them back down. Several that have stood the test of time are his love of playing music (drums and ukulele especially), rock climbing, traveling in his 1978 Volkswagen hippie van, and working with sourdough bread. Someday he will succeed in his unending quest to bake the perfect homemade pizza


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