Jessie Lou Darrow

Jessie Lou Darrow Audiobook Narrator
Crisp, Playful, Special Interest in Young Adult

I am a USAF linguist turned audiobook narrator with a broadcast quality in-home studio. I did just about everything between my military service and deciding to pursue my dream of acting (tutoring elementary-aged children with special needs, accounting, guardian and conservator for an incapacitated adult, GIS technician for the DNR, interviewing small farmers in southern Utah who aren't big fans of government, human anatomy cadaver lab teacher for undergraduates, stay at home mothering, bartender, anthropology research associate, where I programmed an app in JS that detects active wildfires in Tanzania). If anything, the varied experiences have helped improve what I can bring to my roles!

I am passionate about genealogy, medical history, all things macabre and ooky spooky, vegetable gardens, cycling, animals of all shapes and sizes (but especially the ugly ones), and, of course, books! Fantasy, sci-fi, military history, young adult (no shame!), history of the American West, early medieval British history, mythology (esp. Norse and Welsh/British), and the occult/paranormal!


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