Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose Audiobook Narrator
Youthful, character-driven, engaged, sincere, general US accent, NY accent.

Hello! I'm an experienced queer/nonbinary voice actor who has performed in audiobooks as well as animation, games, and commercials. I especially enjoy telling stories that explore queer experiences, mental health issues, and coming-of-age in the contemporary world. I'm a trained yoga instructor, a committed vegetarian, and I have worked in many industries in the past including agriculture, tax preparation, and photography. I have a BA and MA in English Lit, I speak conversational Spanish, and I'm familiar with Japanese and Russian pronunciation.

I record out of my broadcast quality home studio using an AT2020 microphone and Scarlett Focusrite interface, and I have access to Source Connect Standard. You can find more info about me on my website You can also reach out to me on Twitter at @JRoseReads.


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