Janelle Tedesco

Warm, engaging and passionate voice, great for mysteries!

Professionally, I am an actress, singer, audiobook narrator, filmmaker, stuntwoman and dancer. I have a BFA in MTH from Boston Conservatory. I have performed on stages all over the world, most notably on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas starring Ann-Margret and I have written and produced award winning films, and won the honor of Best Actress twice! Personally, I am a wife to an amazing man, mother to two beautiful boys, a spiritual lover of the planet, the environment, health, well-being and equality! Since I became a mother, I have become a better person, and a better actor and storyteller. My passion, caring and excitability have increased tenfold and you can hear and see that in my work.

Literary Fiction, M/F dialogue, 3rd person - Marital tensions rise as a disaggreement about their adult children turns into an argument.
Fantasy, M/F dialogue, 3rd person - When Sam, a fae with void power, encounters Lee, a vampire in the hall, she must tread lightly.
Non-fiction, self-development
Southern Accent - RomCom
French Accent - Mystery
Jersey accent - Comedy/Fiction


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