James Romick

Mature & Immature, Adult & Middle-Aged, Gravely, Soothing, Tender, Biting, Authoratative, Storyteller.

I am in, what I consider, the 4th or 5th stage of my 40+ year acting career after performing in musicals throughout Midwest, up and down the I-95 Corridor from Maine to Miami, and nearly 23 years on the Broadway Stage. Now I am doing something that I never thought I’d be doing in a million years. AudioBooks! Go figure.

My favorite genres are: Murder Mysteries, Detective Novels, Who-Done-Its, Political Intrigue, Apocalyptic-Futuristic Novels, Zombies, Space Travel, Heartstring Pullers, Psycho-Drama, Histories, Biographies, Political Non-Fiction, Classics, and… Hmmm, what else is there?

My Home Studio is a room-within-a-room, which I designed and built myself. It is stocked with excellent professional quality recording equipment. I also have a background in audio engineering and am able to deliver superior quality AudioBook recordings.

As a Voice Major in College, I sang in Italian, German, French and Latin, so I have some knowledge of pronunciation in those languages.

Please visit my narration website for samples of my work.

Third Person - SciFi/Thriller - Younger Male, Older Male, Young Female
First Person - Murder Mystery - 3 Male Characters - NY Accent
M/M Conspiracy/Argument Dialogue - Russian & American
Non-Fiction/History - Comic Evolutionary History of Wood


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