Honey St. Dennis

Honey St. Dennis Audiobook Narrator
Natural Sound. Professional Delivery.

Honey is an NYC-based audiobook narrator and classically trained actor. Honey has a variety of male and female voices as well as several accents available to suit the needs of your story. Honey loves to infuse her performances with creative improvisations to bring the story to life, heighten and explore, and bring out the best and worst in your characters. Honey works diligently to meet deadlines and maintain communication with collaborators.

Outside of the booth Honey is an avid reader of uplifting stories in all genres, with an especial love for fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian worlds, and self-help.
As a performer, Honey draws from her background in theater, improv, and impressionist painting to lend depth and color to uplifting stories. She trained in Theater at the Tom Todoroff Conservatory, improv at UCB, & painting with Melody Williams.


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