Honey St. Dennis

Honey St. Dennis Audiobook Narrator
Smooth, Sweet, Rich. Just like your favorite tea.

Honey is a history major, gamer, and fantasy nerd who can tell you every detail about Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time.

After years acting in New York City theater in a dozen plays and the Washington DC indie film scene on eight films, Honey has settled down to her true calling: working at home in her pajamas, narrating audiobooks. 11 down so far.
Honey's buoyant, natural delivery perfectly suits your uplifting self-help book, romantic heroine, nostalgic memoir, or misunderstood witch. But Honey's smooth voice is not to be underestimated. She can stake a vampire and slay with a snarky one-liner as well as your very own badass anti-heroine.

male and female voices, US and UK accents. Teen vampire fantasy a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Credits: The Devil Made Me Do It (Shop Series Book 2) by Annalee Adams, narrated by Honey St. Dennis
Self help, nonfiction. 7 Days to Anxiety Relief for Teens by Taylor Jacobson, narrated by Honey St. Dennis
Female friendship, historical fiction, Irish and Caribbean accents. Credits: Sister Witch by David W. Thompson, narrated by Honey St. Dennis
Self-owned business, gardening hobby to self-employment. Non-fiction. Credits: Backyard Abundance for Greenhouse Beginners by Jessie Kelias, narrated by Honey St. Dennis


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