Greg Campbell

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Audio book Narrator with a versatile range and a passion for producing Fiction and Non-fiction novels

I'm a voiceover artist with a unique voice that is distinctive and will help make your book standout. specializing in narrating Fiction and Non-fiction along with Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. I can adept to different styles such as Mid-west, Southern, American-Urban, and New York
I'm the voice for the 2021 Emmy Award winning Documentary Shaw Rising about the oldest HBCU in the south.

Bradley has worked hard to be a dependable, loving man and capable automotive engineer. He much prefers debugging a new assembly line, which might help preserve a withering way of life in his Midwest industrial town than grapple with the meaning of his black identity. As if he had a choice. Though there are consequences for violating society's mores, he's hard-headed, trusting his intellect and, increasingly, his gut. It's how he romances the woman of his dreams, Abby, who is also unafraid to challenge conventions. She falls for Bradley's charms and, together, they look to build a new life in a faded factory town rife with veiled racial tension, marked uncertainty and on the edge of losing its identity. But to his younger brother, James, their relationship is a fool's errand. ​During an unseasonably cold week in November 1991, the true value of their bonds are revealed and hardened
The book is a coming of age story and a personal account of the Civil Rights Movement in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as witnessed and experienced by the author. It contains stories about the individual and collective struggle for equality in a small Mississippi town. The book features and honors those unsung heroes whose bravery and example contributed significantly to the movement. The book tells the story of a young boy whose life is influenced by the movement that contributed significantly to his development and coming of age from childhood to adulthood.
Narcotics Detective Carl Malease earned the nickname of Malice because of his relentless drive on the job. Motivated by walking in his legendary father's footsteps drives him to make the biggest bust in New York city. The problem with that is he is the lone good apple in a bushel of bad ones. His ambition and integrity put him at odds not only with his crooked supervisor but his entire unit. A miscalculation gives them the fuel they need to burn his stellar career to the ground. It also puts him in the cross hairs of the most dangerous mobster in the city. Attorney Alicia Murdock is the pretty and ambitious defense attorney. All she handles were the vicious murder cases and had yet to lose a single case. Her courtroom tenaciousness earned her the moniker of, "Murder Murdock". Fate cast the two adversaries into an unlikely collaboration. There was bad blood between the two from a courtroom defeat of one of Malice's cases but now he needs her in not only the fight to clear his name, but to stay alive. Malice and Murder is a nonstop, thrill ride from the first page until the last


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