Gary Middleton

Gary Middleton Audiobook Narrator
 Gary is a versatile voiceover artist who effortlessly switches into various styles, including the warm, friendly, formal, high energy, laid back, smooth, and gritty styles. He is easy going and always takes his time to understand every client in order to insure the delivery suits their unique needs.

Gary Middleton is a highly skilled voice over artist and narration expert who serves a multitude of individuals and organizations. This multi-talented professional based in Durham, North Carolina has successfully leveraged the skills he acquired as an owner of two sales and customer service companies into a very successful career as a male voice over artist.

 Known for his great work ethics and unparalleled talents, Gary uses his natural American male voice to do voice-over recordings in different niches, including audiobooks, eLearning, and narrations, etc. He has been able to serve hundreds of satisfied clients from different parts of the globe.
 Gary’s drive for excellence, consistency and dedication to his craft has made him a favorite of many of his clients who enthusiastically describe him as a talented voice over artist who delivers top-quality reads to their unique specifications.
Gary works in a professionally built home studio. The sound quality of his delivered audio files is unsurpassed. He is well versed in processing and editing voice over audio so that the audio files delivered to the client are proofed, mastered and ready for the clients use. If raw files or an adjustment to the processing on his end (compression, EQ, etc.) are desired just let him know and they will be made.

Revisions are free if he makes a mistake or mispronounces a word. If there are script charges they will be charged according to the rate of the project.


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